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Fast Life – The Evolution

Cast: Fame McDonald, Rizz, Frezell Roux

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Toney Sinclair is a radio DJ whose wrong choice in women gets him caught up in a dangerous "Entanglement" with his current girlfriend.

Paparazzi: Eye In The Dark

Cast: Van Vicker, Koby Maxwell, Tchidi Chikere, Syr Law, JJ Bunny, Chet Anekwe

Aspiring photographer Rich Amarah (Van Vicker) dreamed of making his fortune through his art, but found the life of being a sneaky paparazzi spy to be more lucrative. After taking photos of murder, he finds himself in a life and death situation since he holds the key to solving the mystery.

The Scroll : Victory Eternal

Cast: Jesse Jackson, T.D. Jakes, Tony Evans

Spiritual leaders share their inspiring experiences of triumphing over adversity in their own lives, through the true power of faith.

The Scroll : Victory Eternal Volume 2

Cast: Al Sharpton Jr., T.D. Jakes

Adversity comes to everyone. In this second chapter, spiritual leaders share more powerful stories of how they faced some of their biggest challenges.

The Scroll : Victory Eternal Volume 3

Cast: A.R. Bernard, Jesse Jackson, T.D. Jakes, Tony Evans

In this inspirational conclusion, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other religious leaders offer stirring testimony of achieving personal victory through faith.

The Last Adam

Cast: Leonard Roberts, Jose Yenque, Carl Lewis

Bobby, a pastor, falls from grace while losing his faith, family and former mentor all at the same time. At a reunion of old friends and his mentor's funeral, Bobby rediscovers lessons long forgotten about the power of forgiveness.

The Tommies Reunion

At their apex, Chicago’s Thompson Community Singers—known affectionately as the Tommies—were one of the most emulated gospel choirs in the country. Music ministers couldn’t wait for the next Tommies album to hit record stores so they could buy it and glean new gems to teach their own choirs.Having just surpassed the seventieth anniversary of their formation by the late Reverend Milton Brunson, the Tommies are back with their first new album in a decade. The Tommies Reunion choir is c